Isn’t It Time YOU Helped Support Our Internet Crime Awareness Campaign? [Video]

Internet Crime Awareness

Most Dangerous Town on the Internet – Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide

China’s Web Junkies: Internet Addiction Documentary | Op-Docs

The Real Danger of Internet Addiction

Are You Addicted to the Internet?

Isn’t It Time YOU Helped Support Internet Crime Awareness?

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Internet Crime Is Everyone’s Responsibility, BUT

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Founded by Dr. Don Yates Sr. Ph.D.

Serving You and Others Online Since 2004

Internet Crime
Dr. Don ICFO

Researching and Reporting Internet Crimes and Opportunities

As a Victim. My Personal and ICFO Interests Lie With

  • Addiction, Internet Addiction

  • Parenting, Child Care and Abuse,

  • Bullying, Harassment, Self-harm, and Suicide

  • Children’s Safety Online

  • Scams and Fraud

  • Personal Development

  • 0ur Aging Seniors and Those Lost, Forgotten and

  • Those That Cannot Help Themselves


  • Our Free blog shut down due to a Scammer complaint made by him
  • New blogs, social media groups shut down due to spammers
  • ICFO blog labeled unsafe by browsers due to the nature of Crime Content
  • Increasing Internet Crime Awareness moved to Social Network Marketing
  • Improved traffic ranking, sponsor, advertisers, and Investor Interest
  • All positive momentum killed by a security breach in 2018,
  • Lost It All including motivation since out of pocket since 2004


  • Does it have to be personal, Before You Will Take Some Action?
  • What if We Can Save or Help Your Child, Teen, Senior or Friend
  • What If Your Share Helps Your Friends Business, Child, Teen, or Senior 

History Continues

  • New blog, renewed energy, and motivation
  • New Appeal For Your Help To Like Share and Comment
  • New Commitment to Help Increase Internet Crime Awareness
  • BUT Again, no one cares
  • Facebook, facing international pressure and fines regarding the invasion of your privacy
  • Set new Community Standards’ what can be posted and shared; however
  • Instead of blocking a single post, for review, they have blocked the entire Blog
  • Eliminating access to all previously approved post, warnings, etc socially invisible
  • This New (3rd) ICFO blog plus several Niches Blogs to raise Internet Crime Awareness

News: Internet Crime Fighters Org [ICFO]

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  • News: Increasing Internet Crime Awareness, One Share at a Time

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